I'm a Chicago/Los Angeles-based brand strategist, writer, and passionate creative who loves storytelling so much that I went and earned a Masters in it.

My hybrid experience in both marketing and publishing laid the foundation for work that helps organizations discover their authentic narrative. I've done everything from edit the features well of a culture magazine, write copy for a Fortune 500 company, and launch a literary blog.  Throughout, I’ve produced all manner of digital and print collateral (ads, interviews, site and email copy, articles, videos, advertorials). 

As a creative thinker dedicated to producing inspired content, I thrive on collaboration and am always looking for new ways to spark interest in something worth talking about. I love deep-dive projects, such as establishing brand identity and executing seasonal campaigns. I get satisfaction from taking project from conception to execution, and refining processes so they run more smoothly. Outside of work, I’m a dog lover, natural health-and-beauty junkie, and amateur aromatherapist.

Currently, I work as a senior copywriter at Walgreens E-commerce, where I write creative copy and strategize online/email content and also and internal materials such as style guides and brand audits. Past marketing and media roles include Senior Copywriter at TransUnion, Product Copywriter at Crate & Barrel, Associate Features Editor at Time Out Chicago, and writer for Salesforce, Lonely Planet, Orbitz, and Vosges Chocolat. 

Interested in working together? Go here for my copy samples, here for journalism, or email me at gretchenkalwinski[at]gmail.com. I'm on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram