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  • Goodbye, Chicago! (A highly curated list of services/practitioners)

    We moved to Los Angeles and this is my "Goodbye, Chicago” gift; a hard-won list of favorite practitioners & service providers, gained over 18 years. I'm particular, so these are not offered lightly. I'm somewhat devastated at havng to re-create this list in LA, but hope this benefits Chicago pals. XO

    Lincoln Square Acupuncture: My favorite community acupuncture spot; expect a roomful of folks reclining on chairs stuck with needles, with white noise & gentle music playing. David’s an expert at doing quiet consultations, even in a “public” space. And, there is a private room if you need individualized attention. Sliding scale, starting at $25/visit. 

    Essential Acupuncture Chicago: Leigh Stein is one of two women at this women-centric practice, they do a lot with internal organs, digestion, fertility. Super comfy space and individualized attention. She did an amazing grief point for me that released energy and helped me move on from serious stuckness.  

    Michael A. Pontarelli at Windy City Wellness
    Discovering Mike 10 years ago saved my bod. He’s helped me recover from various ailments, plantar fasciitis, sprained ankle etc. he is a kinesiologist and appears sporty but is a true "healer" in every other sense. He uses modalities like acupuncture, massage (sometimes covered by insurance, and stretching/diet in his holistic approach). 

    Jason Borecki also at Windy City Wellness—Meaning, you can sometimes get referred to him for a short therapeutic massage to complement chiro treatment. I once came out of a relaxation massage wearing my dress inside out & backwards because I was just that relaxed, ENOUGH SAID. 

    Jana Robinson CheffingsBloom Yoga Studio—She’s great with musculoskeletal stuff i.e., carpal tunnel, tendonitis. Gentle yet skilled at getting all the bodily jankiness worked out. Love her, she’s brought me back from the brink many times. 

    Patty OriaBloom Yoga Studio—Uses a Feldenkrais approach which is really gentle & unique and is about creating better body movement in the long term. 

    Rover-Time Dog Walking & Pet Sitting: I am devastated to leave this service behind. My dog received regular walkers, whom he adored. They take photos, have an online check-in to let you know when the walk is complete, and are insured. Can’t praise them, or trust them, enough. Plus they do all these community engagement projects and events. Adore. Adore!