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  • Spas Issue; 2009; Time Out Chicago

    Spas Issue 2009

    One of my favorite parts of working as a Time Out Chicago editor was our annual Spas issue. In 2009, I received treatments from premier manicurists & facialists and wrote about it. For full feature, see below: 

    Lisette Paez, Four Seasons
    When I inform Paez of my pathetic record with manicures—I destroy them on day one—she takes it as a challenge, helping me choose a longlasting nail polish and declaring that her manicures should last a week. Then, at some point during my Chocolate-Orange Dipped mani-pedi—probably around the time she rubs my feet with citrus exfoliant after serving me a chocolate martini—I enter a state of bliss. A nail maestro for 12 years, Paez is the lead nail technician at the Four Seasons, where she’s worked for eight years. She’s hush-hush about her celebrity customers but admits one wealthy client visits from Europe every six months and will only go to Paez for pedis: “She has a blood disorder, and I’m the only one she trusts with her feet.” Despite the economic downturn, motorcycle/snowmobile-enthusiast Paez boasts a full schedule, including regulars with standing appointments. It doesn’t hurt that besides her training at Chicago’s well-regarded hair and beauty school Pivot Point International, she’s certified in reflexology—essentially foot rubs that focus on specific pressure points—which she often incorporates into treatments. Paez considers this work her calling. “I am gifted in my hands and very knowledgeable and I have the heart to do [this work], to serve people humbly and give quality service,” she says. I can’t argue about the “calling” part: Paez’s mani lasts three days— for me, a record. Mani-pedi $140, including chocolate martini. —Gretchen Kalwinski

    Fred Goudy, Bliss
    During my triple-oxygen facial, Goudy massages my spastic shoulders to Zenlike results, applies Bliss’s lemonsage products and finishes with an oxygen “blast” on my face, effectively rejuvenating my now-pink, glowy and zit-free mug. 90- minute facial $150.—GK