Q; How do I get in touch about a potential writing project? And, what is the process from there?  

A: First, you'd visit my Contact page or just send me an email with brief project info. Then, we'd do a 15-minute initial phone call and I'd email a few follow-up questions. Last, I'd create a detailed proposal with a timeline, price, and other parameters. If you accept, I subtract the cost of the proposal from the project fee. (There's no proposal fee if you don't accept.) 

Q: Can I pick your brain about editorial work, freelancing, or Chicago's literary community?

A: I get asked this a lot, and I do consult on these topics and more. To easily and efficiently address these questions, I created a PDF of my Top 12 Freelancing Tips, and here's a link to my Coffee Talks, where you can book my time. 

Q: Can you help coach and edit me as I write my book? 

A: Yes! I love working with authors. I currently work as a developmental editor and novel coach, and as a ghostwriter for businesses and CEOs. Here's more info on my experience and that process

Q: Anything else I should know about you? 

A: I pride myself on being ultra-attentive to deadlines and thinking two steps ahead--and I love a good spreadsheet to keep projects on track.