I've been a staff and freelance writer/editor for a number of publications and digital media channels. Though I've written about a wide variety of topics, I'm most interested in stories on health and wellness, (click here for related blog posts), social transformation, and technology. Click here for my journalism clips, or view select pieces below. 

  • Personal essay on health/wellness

    Jumble & Flow, Sept. 28, 2019

    “And it occurs to me that it’s the little bits of daily humanity and sensory pleasures we allow ourselves that will help us get through the challenging times. By doing those mundane things I know I need, even if they seem silly or extraneous (deep belly-breathing, journaling), I’m building a wellness reserve. Because I’ve seen how repressed emotions and self-care can back up on me, I know I have to stop moving through life’s struggles on autopilot, robotically." Read online...OR view the pdf.
  • Listicle on healing/wellness methods

    Jumble & Flow, Sept. 28, 2019

    “Twelve things I tried to help with symptoms of perimenopause (or whatever you want to call it).” Read online...OR view the pdf.
  • Essay on Wigilia, the Polish Christmas Eve Feast

    Belt Magazine, Dec. 21, 2018

    “Wigilia, which translates to “vigil” in English, is the epic Polish Christmas Eve feast. A solemn, sentimental celebration, it lasts hours and includes twelve meatless courses, featuring mushroom soup, carp, herring, rye bread, pierogi, sauerkraut, gołąbki (cabbage rolls), honey vodka, and desserts like kołaczki. It’s a tradition my refugee grandparents brought with them when they immigrated in the 1950s to a neighborhood teeming with Polish churches, delis, and bakeries. Other than their children, my grandparents had no U.S. family, so it connected them to home." Read online...OR view the pdf.
  • Interview with Fashion Startup Entrepreneurs

    Fashion startup co-founders (DesignerShare) share their favorite cultural inspirations, from feminist t-shirts to vintage Chanel. Read online...OR view the pdf.
  • His Wild Kingdom (Travel story)

    Chicago Reader, May 20, 2006

    “Joe Taft wants his bedroom back. For four months it’s been inhabited by a baby tiger named Max, while Taft, who’s 60, crashes on the couch. “I can’t get him out of my house until I move these other cats into the new pens being built,” he says. “Then I can finally have a bedroom. The walls are pretty raggedy in there.” He means claw marks, like the ones in his kitchen and living room." Read online.... OR view the pdf.
  • Concrete Canvas (Street art story)

    Time Out Chicago, Issue 178, July 2008.

    “The artists installing this “guerilla” art (mostly in the warmer months and the dark of night) call themselves street artists and often hide their identities from cops by using nicknames. But don’t confuse their work with gang graffiti or tagging: It’s illegal, but there’s an altruistic mission to their madness.” Read
  • The Toxic Avenger (Spa/wellness story)

    Time Out Chicago, Issue 149, January 3, 2008

    “At Silken Tent, I put my feet in a tub of water with a noisy black Aquavida “array,” a contraption designed to stimulate glands in the feet, drawing out toxins like aluminum, lead and mercury (which can cause headaches, insomnia and poor mental concentration, respectively). My water turns orange but no one in the salon can explain why, and the Aquavida website says the water changes even without your feet due to “chemical interactions.” Hmm, sounds fishy." Read
  • Burnout + Dog Essay

    The Dodo, Web Essay, June 2016

    An article about how my adopted dog helped me conquer work burnout. "I realized I desperately needed a "break" — more quiet moments with my beloved new dog and my frazzled mind. Instead of more, I felt a strong need to do less, to slow down." Read online
  • We’re Stuffed with Fun (Food festival review)

    Time Out Chicago, Issue 22: July 28, 2005

    “To bolster community pride, the small town of Whiting honors its Eastern European heritage each year with its three-day Pierogi Fest, where the tried and true Polish/Slovak dumplings are fried or steamed with butter, and chock-full of different fillings like meat, cheese, potato, mushroom, berries and apricot. Read
  • Culture Crash / Growing Up Polish (Essay)

    Time Out Chicago, Issue 209, February 26, 2009

    “For my part, because I’ve forgotten what little Polish I knew, the language barrier prevents me from getting Poles to see me as one of their own— I’m just another American." Read
  • Warsaw Packed (Bar review)

    Time Out Chicago, Issue 209, February 26, 2009

    “Poles are a naturally suspicious people—hey, their country has been invaded a lot—so non-Poles may receive a standoffish reception. But once a drink is ordered and cash is out on the bar, bartenders get chatty and smilingly suggest vodka drinks from their menu." Read
  • Interview with Chalk Artist

    University of Chicago; Chicago Booth Magazine, Interview, May 2016

    I love learning about the fascinating ways art and commerce can intersect and had an illuminating talk with this very successful MBA-turned-artist."I approach my art as a business. I’m always looking for profit centers to develop for a combination of what I enjoy doing and what resonates with the market. My studio recently created an art installation for an event for Don Julio tequila, transforming the chalkboard walls of a banquet room to look like a farmers market to complement their “farm to shaker” theme." Read online.... OR view the pdf.
  • Middle East Travel Story

    Orbitz, Travel Essay, October 2015

    Travel essay about spending 8 days of Israel's northern portion, (Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tiberias, Jerusalem). And, those are my photos! "Look through the slideshow gallery to see a door in Old Jaffa, Old city rooftops, and a mashrabiya in Jerusalem—an intricate wood screen that once masked interiors in the Arab world. Mashrabiya made it possible for Muslim women to enjoy cool breezes and views of the street, and still allowed them to remain hidden from occupants of the street beneath them." Read
  • Birmingham, AL (Travel story)

    Time Out Chicago, December 30, 2008

    “In recent years, B’ham, as locals affectionately call it, has experienced a rebirth. The city has poured money into the attractive dogwood-and-gingko-tree-heavy downtown, converting it into a mixed-use district with retail shops and condos and successfully sparking a resurgence of culture and dining while retaining good old-fashioned Southern hospitality along with those charmingly thick accents (the word 'down' can, remarkably, be stretched into four syllables)." Read
  • Chairman of the Bordeaux (Interview with winemaker; VINIV founder)

    University of Chicago; Chicago Booth Magazine, Interview, Winter 2017

    Interview with Chicago Booth alumni Stephen Bolger, an MBA who founded Viniv, a custom wine-blending company in the heart of Bordeaux. "When Bolger and his wife lost their first child, a decision to align his career with something that had true meaning to him—and the emotional intelligence gained at Booth—led him to pursue his passion for wine in the heart of Bordeaux." Read online.... OR view the pdf.
  • Spas 2008 (Spa review)

    Time Out Chicago, February 7, 2008

    “The staff gave me a robe and chamomile tea while I waited in the quiet room for my acupuncturist. She asked about my energy levels and told me that my adrenal gland—which helps to regulate stress-managing chemicals—was overtaxed. To fix this, she inserted 15 needles into my forehead, wrists and feet, then pressed vibrating tuning forks to those points to “align my chi.” Outside, a friend waited in a warm car to drive me home. Who cares if it was the tea, quiet room, acupuncture or ride? At the end of the session, I truly felt happier." Read
  • Entrepreneurship at University of Chicago

    Booth Magazine, October 2015

    “True to the deep-rooted spirit of enterprise at Booth, the idea for the NVC came from a student. Jeff Meyer, ’97, approached Kaplan in 1996 to propose a business plan competition. “I said, absolutely,” Kaplan recalled. “We pretty quickly put in place the same model we use today." Read online OR view the pdf.
  • EcoManiac (Time Out Chicago), Aug 16–22, 2007

    Time Out Chicago,Aug 16-22, 2007

    "Use plants, water filters, organic sheets and other earth-friendly goods to give your entire apartment a green sweep." Read
  • Book Feature: "An Outside Appreciation"

    Northwest Indiana Times book review of LaPorte, Indiana, a book of found photographs curated by Found Magazine editor Jason Bitner, cowritten with Alex Kotlowitz. Read online.... OR view the pdf.
  • Northwest Indiana Times health story

    Northwest Indiana Times, Health story, March 2006

    Delving into the differences between cold and allergy symptoms."Seasonal allergy sufferers usually start to notice their symptoms once the weather warms up and trees and flowers start to bloom. Typical symptoms run the gamut from watery eyes to sneezing and congestion." Read online.... OR view the pdf.
  • Chicks and Balances (Book interview)

    Time Out Chicago, Issue 107, March 15–21, 2007

    “Wycoff portrays the gritty, sorrowful elements of her characters’ lives head-on and offers no easy solutions—no one’s riding up on a white horse—but neither are the stories bleak. Instead, drama and tension are delivered in such a subtle but detail-infused way that the reader becomes invested in Beth’s plight early on in the collection.“ Read
  • Gold Coast Spas (Spa review)

    Time Out Chicago, Issue 206, February 5, 2009

    “It doesn’t hurt that besides her training at Chicago’s well-regarded hair and beauty school Pivot Point International, she’s certified in reflexology—essentially foot rubs that focus on specific pressure points—which she often incorporates into treatments. Paez considers this work her calling. “I am gifted in my hands and very knowledgeable and I have the heart to do [this work], to serve people humbly and give quality service,” she says." Read
  • Interview for Kellogg

    Kellogg School of Management, Interview

    I interviewed Northwestern Kellogg School of Management finance professor Mitchell Petersen about the best ways to break down complex info for audiences. I loved his insights around storytelling. Read online.... OR view the pdf.
  • SKALD (Storytelling festival)

    Time Out Chicago, Issue 73: July 2, 20006

    “SKALD is about sharing stories, but it also involves competition. Yet Langguth’s got nothing but love for other participants: “Every year, there are new stories that break your heart or make you bust a gut. Last year, Brad Norman told a fantastic story about a man who likes to bake. He made the most delicious chocolate-and-peanut-butter cake, and shared it with the audience afterwards." Read
  • Wellness Story on Executive Physicals

    Crain's Chicago Business, Mind/Body feature, November 2016

    I wrote this piece recently for the Crain's Chicago Business "Mind/Body" supplement as part of their branded content section. The gist? If you rise in the ranks at your organization, you can perhaps look forward to a super-comprehensive bells and whistles physical that tackles everything from blood-work to vision to just one day. Read online.... OR view the pdf.
  • Orbitz: 3 Days in Barcelona

    Orbitz, Travel Story, February 2015,

    "Immerse in the culture from the get-go by visiting the colorful markets, the first activity on your Barcelona itinerary. On the vibrant Las Ramblas in central Barcelona, you’ll enjoy browsing vendors on a tree-lined pedestrian mall filled with tourists, locals, street performers—and of course, café con leche during the day that changes to sangria at night." Read online.... OR view the pdf.
  • My Sister's Continent (Book review)

    Time Out Chicago, Issue 44, Dec 29, 2005

    “Kendra's sadomasochistic relationship with an older man functions as a "therapy of humiliation," and it is in these scenes that Frangello's lush and poetic style is at its most lyric." Read
  • Springfield, IL, (Travel story)

    Time Out Chicago, February 3, 2009

    “Let’s be honest: The reason to visit Springfield, Illinois, is Abe Lincoln—he lived, worked and raised a family there from 1837 until 1861, when he moved to Washington, D.C., to be inaugurated as our 16th President. The town is chock-full of Lincoln memorabilia and sites but not much else in the way of sightseeing—even more so now that the Blago show is over." Read
  • Guerilla Drive-Ins (DIY arts/lifestyle story)

    Venus Zine, March, 2006

    “One of the most organized groups is the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In in Santa Cruz, California. In 2002, they started showing films such as 'The Third Man' and 'The Gleaners and I' on vacant walls of abandoned buildings for friends and strangers to enjoy."Read
  • In Shep We Trust (Jean Shepherd essay)

    Stop Smiling, Issue 27, September 2006

    “But best known are his articles about his childhood in the rustbelt Midwest. One show compares a steel mill to the sixth circle of hell."Read
  • We Don't Need Another Wave (Book review)

    Punk Planet, October, 2006

    "One of the contributors is Jessica Valenti, who runs a blog called, and writes with intelligent passion about the image problem of the word “feminist” and why women shouldn’t shrink from it, in her piece, 'You’re a Feminist. Deal.'" Read
  • Business of Climate Change (Feature Story) Booth Magazine

    University of Chicago; Chicago Booth Magazine, Feature Story, May 2016

    I interviewed clean-energy experts for this feature about the "business of climate change." It was fascinating to learn about the repercussions of the Paris Climate deal on climate change economics. "The success of LuminAID illustrates a significant shift underway in the energy economy. More and more entrepreneurs, business schools, corporations, private companies, investors, and governments are recognizing the potential opportunities in the growing clean-energy sector." Read online.... OR view the pdf.
  • Literary Blog Posts, (Triquarterly)

    Triquarterly, Literary Blog, 2011-2012,

    A number of posts about literary trends, organizations, and magazines--written during my M.F.A. studies. Here's one in particular, about Wislawa Szymborska's passing. Read online.... OR view the pdf.
  • Alligator (Book review)

    Time Out Chicago, Issue 82: Sept 21, 2006

    “Though the plot is nonlinear, with constantly shifting perspectives, Moore inhabits the disparate worlds of her characters elegantly. The challenging structure adeptly builds tension as simultaneous events move the plot along, and there is the building sense that all are heading toward strangely connected climactic events." Read
  • Corbett vs. Dempsey (Editorial review)

    Centerstage, March 2006

    A review of one of my favorite visual-art destinations in Chicago. Read
  • Listen Up! (Arts/lifestyle story)

    Venus Zine, Fall 2006

    “An audio-blogger, experimental music lover, and managing director for the Third Coast International Audio Festival — an annual and ongoing celebration of documentary and feature audio works — Chicago’s Julie Shapiro is known for bringing to light fascinating audio segments, sounds, and radio works."
  • Monique Meloche (Editorial review)

    Centerstage, August 2005

    "The artwork has a strong emphasis on the conceptual, with work focusing on themes ranging from home and domesticity to race, politics and gender. Featured artists have included Dzine, Cindy Loehr, Laura Letinsky, Scott Stack and Carla Arocha." Read
  • Afterlife (Book review)

    Time Out Chicago, Issue 66, June 1, 2006

    “Antrim’s storytelling skills are undeniable: He ripples outward from themes into darkly humorous insights on kin, work and addiction, always returning to his premise with heavier baggage." Read
  • Memoirs of a Muse (Book review)

    Venus Zine, Spring 2006

    “Her ideas about muses go back to her childhood, when her grandmother warned her about the trials and tribulations of the role. Still, Tanya is so impressed with the great Russian writers that besides masturbating to Dostoevsky, she decides to achieve immortality by inspiring another person’s work."
  • Renegade Craft Fair Video Reportage, Venus Zine

    Venus Zine, Vodcast, October 2006

    Basically, I walk around Renegade Craft Fair and ask interesting vendors about their products. And lisp. Watch
  • I'm With The Band (Book review)

    Venus Zine, Winter 2005

    “Pamela Des Barres embraced her “ultimate groupie” moniker with the 1987 publication of I’m with the Band— a merry recounting of her friendships and trysts with some of rock’s elite, including Captain Beefheart, Jim Morrison, and Frank Zappa."
  • Holiday Books Roundtable

    Chicago Tonight, December 2009

    Had a blast with professor Al Gini, Brigid Pasulka and the inimitable Phil Poncé, talking about holiday book recommendations on the television. Watch
  • Interviewed at Printers Ball 2009

    ChicagoNow blog, August 2009

    Chicago Tribune's Amy Guth caught me at this annual literary party with a camera, and we talked about the Chicago literary community and how to foster it.
  • Literago on Bad At Sports

    Bad At Sports Podcast, December 2007

    My co-founder and I were interviewed by Terri and Joanna, and we talked about why we founded a literary site, the idea of lit-community, and what we hoped to accomplish." Listen | BAS Article
  • Feature story on Allied Heath Care Connecticut

    PM Network, January 2015

    I wrote this 2014 feature while working at Imagination Publishing, for our Project Management Institute client. The subject was the successful efforts of Access Health Connecticut, (a healthcare exchange and one of the three finalists for PMI's prestigious "Project of the Year" award. Read